webertape fibermesh 5

Weber Thailand

Self-adhesive fiberglass mesh. Self-adhesive makes the product easy to use to increase bonding of either waterproof or skim coat to the substrates. Use to repair cracks, to reinforce joints between 2 pieces of drywall, before the application of waterproof or skim coat.

Application area

Wall, Joints


  • 5 cm wide x 20 m long


  • สีขาว
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To know before applying

  • Color : white
  • Fiberglass mesh size : 2.82 x 2.82 mm.
  • Weight : 60 gsm
  • Adhesive Coating : Acrylic Latex >28%+3%
  • Tensile Strength (warp) >500 N/50 mm
  • Tensile Strength (weft) > 650 N/50 mm
    • Remark: These test results are from laboratory test. They might be slightly different from on-site results because of the differences in applications and conditions.

Features and benefits

  • Increase bonding of waterproof or skim coat to the substrates
  • Self-adhesive makes it easy to use · Repair and reinforce cracks and joints 
  • Jointing between 2 pieces of ceiling and drywall
  • Jointing between 2 pieces of different material
  • Give stronger bond of plaster esp. at the corners of door/window frames
  • No cracks



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