weberbase skim ultrabond

weberbase skim ultra bond 20kg
weberbase skim ultra bond 4kg
weberbase skim ultra bond 20kg

Ready-to-use white acrylic skim coat for perfectly smooth finishing on walls, columns and ceilings.

Application area

Wall, Ceiling



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To know before applying

  • Density: 1.6 cm³
  • pH: 9
  • Composition: Synthetic resin, filler and admixture
  • Bonding strength: >0.5 N/mm²
  • Application temperature: 5-35 oC
  • Waiting time before sandpaper over the dry final surface: 12-24 hour
  • Waiting time before painting: 1-2 day
    • Note: These test results are from laboratory test.  They might be slightly different from on-site results because of the differences in applications and conditions.

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Features and benefits

  • Save time and easy to apply in order to make the smooth surface with 1 or 2 coat.
  • Perfectly cover on unsmooth substrates both cementitious ones and existing paints.
  • Excellent adhesion and better resistance to weather variation without cracks and peelings.
  • Easy to sand afterward and No dust.
  • Can be painted over, No need for new paint primer process.


  • New wall plastering should be left at least 2-3 weeks before skim coat commencement.
  • Do not apply weber.base skim ultra bond on movement cracks orstructural cracks.
  • Not suitable for very humid and wet areas.
  • Painting on skim coat surface is recommended for exteriors.
  • Do not mix or add any other products

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