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Standard tile adhesives

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Tensile adhesion strength testing

Test with different materials1.Traditional cement-dry2.Traditional cement-wet3.Tile adhesive; webertai gres* EN testing standard leaving tile adhesive after applying for 28 days but in this test - le…

Epoxy grouts



Tiling on cement fiber board

Some limitation of timber substrates and cement-fiber boards such as flexibility and water absorption need to be considered when fixing rigid tiles onto these specific substrates.

Waterproofing/Reinforcing tapes


weberseal tape

Self-adhesive butyl rubber based aluminium foil sealing tape that is 100% UV resistant designed to adhere strongly to most construction materials

PU Foam


weberfoam PU

A highly expansive 1-part polyurethane fixing foam (50 Times)



weber sealant

Learn various type of sealant, key benefits/limitations and how to apply