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Tile Grouts

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Standard tile adhesives

High performance tile adhesives


Tensile adhesion strength testing

Test with different materials1.Traditional cement-dry2.Traditional cement-wet3.Tile adhesive; webertai gres* EN testing standard leaving tile adhesive after applying for 28 days but in this test - le…

Epoxy grouts



Tiling on cement fiber board

Some limitation of timber substrates and cement-fiber boards such as flexibility and water absorption need to be considered when fixing rigid tiles onto these specific substrates.

Waterproofing liquid membrane


How to fix the leakage problem from the wall

Understand cause of problems. Follow each step during 5 days and see how weber can help stopping the leakage from the wall

Waterproofing/Reinforcing tapes


weberseal tape

Self-adhesive butyl rubber based aluminium foil sealing tape that is 100% UV resistant designed to adhere strongly to most construction materials

PU Foam


weberfoam PU

A highly expansive 1-part polyurethane fixing foam (50 Times)



weber sealant

Learn various type of sealant, key benefits/limitations and how to apply