weberdry 2K flex

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Weber Thailand
Weber Thailand

A 2-component flexible waterproofing product, the mixing ratio can be adjusted to suit the application of both
render and brush/roller on cement base substrate. It is used to waterproof wet areas in the building, swimming pools, and water tanks


To know before applying

  • Always apply 2 layers of weberdry 2K flex.
  • Avoid direct sunlight after weberdry 2K flex sets, when not tiling on waterproofing layer.
  • weberdry 2K flex can cover small cracks and pores in the substrate when the cracks and pores are not dilated.
  • Do not add water in the product mixture.
  • Total thickness should be 2 – 3 mm.

Features and benefits

  • 2 parts – cement and liquid polymer - and flexible
  • Cover non-dilated small cracks and pores in substrates.
  • To waterproof before tiling in wet areas in buildings and in swimming pools
  • Non-toxic, can be used with potable water and in water tanks.


Store in shade, dry conditions with the temperature between 5–35 degree celcius in closed package provides 12 months shelf life