webertai flex

Weber Thailand


  • 20 kg
Flexible high performance tile adhesive mixing with water to fix all sizes and types of tiles in heavy-duty areas. Ideal for tiling on deformable substrates like plywoods*, wood-cement boards*, fiber-cement boards*, gypsum boards, etc

Application area

Floor, Wall


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Case studies

Weber Thailand
Tile Adhesives

Champs Elysees

Stylish condominium with the inspiration of French architecture, the owner carefully selected materials that are the best for their customers.

Weber Thailand
Tile Adhesives

Magnolias Housing

Southern California style housing project using imported high quality products; this is why Magnolias has specified the products for tiling according to the areas and applications

Weber Thailand
Standard Grouts

Wat Ban Rai

Products used for tiling on exterior walls of high-rise building have to be specifically designed for this application in order to prevent the injury from the falling tiles.

Weber Thailand
Tile Adhesives

Carrefour Hypermarket

Most of floorings in Carrefour are ceramic tiles. Due to the differences in areas usage, Carrefour has then specified materials for tiling according to each application.

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