Wat Ban Rai

Wat Ban Rai used products for tiling and grouting on exterior walls have to be specifically designed for this application in order to prevent the injury from the falling tiles.

Wat Ban Rai selected;

  • Products for tiling and grouting on exterior walls

Tile adhesive:   webertai flex - flexible adhesive designed for exterior walls areas

Tile grout:         webercolor power -  anti-black mold and fungus grout  

Tile grout:         webercolor outside - flexible grout

Tile grout:         webercolor poxy - epoxy grout  

  • Type of floor:
    Exterior walls
  • Type of building:
  • Resources required:
    webertai flex, webercolor power, webercolor outside, webercolor poxy
  • Owner:
    Wat Ban Rai