Champs Elysees

Stylish condominium with the inspiration of French architecture, the owner carefully selected materials that are the best for their customers.

  • Swimming Pool            

This project used;

Tile adhesive: webercolor poxy - special grade adhesive

Tile grout:        webercolor poxy -epoxy resin grout

Material used for building the dome in common area is metal, the project had experienced debonding problem of the decorated mosaics.  To solve this problem, special product to fix mosaics onto metal substrate has to be used for the long-lasting purpose.  Pacific Group then selected webercolor poxy.  

  • Pub & Restaurant            

In this area, tiling is on cement-fiber boards.  The products to fix tiles on such a specific substrate have to be used.

Primer:            weberprim 2 - to protect the water permeation from tile adhesive to the substrate

Tile adhesive: webertai flex - flexible adhesive

Tile grout:        webercolor power - anti-fungus and stain-resistance grout  

  • Type of floor:
    Swimming Pool, Pub & Restaurant
  • Type of building:
  • Resources required:
    webercolor poxy, weberprim 2, webertai flex, webercolor power
  • Owner:
    Pacific Group Properties


What is the cause of each problem occurring in swimming pools?

It is very essential to select the appropriate products and to do the right application when building a swimming pool because after filling in with water, it can costs a lot of money to fix the problem occurring from the improper use. The products starting from waterproofing system, tiling, and then grouting must be specially designed to be used in the pool where is continuously subject to water pressure.


Appropriate selection of Weber's products for swimming pools depends on each factor as per the following. Location, level of the pool, and possibility of structural movement must be considered for the selection of waterproof products.

Tiles to be laid, frequency of use, temperature of and chemical added to the pool water must be considered for the selection of tile adhesive and tile grout.