weberknight armor

New Product
Weber Thailand

A night vision epoxy grout, luminescence during dark. Absorb natural or house hold light & provide luminescence in darkness when placed between tiles or stones providing highly aesthetic & decorative joints in the absence of light.

Application area

Wall, Floor


  • 1 kg.


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  • เขียว
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To know before applying

  • Component A : Premixed resin with filler
  • Component B : Light yellow hardener
  • Mixing ratio Part A: Part B - 11.5 : 1 by weight or Part A: Part B - 7 : 1 by volume
  • Consistency : Creamy paste consistency
  • Mixed density : 1.60 gram/cm3
  • Adjustability time for adhesive : 30 minutes
  • Setting for light foot traffic : 24 hours
  • Full Cure : 7 days
  • Minimum exposure of light intensity 300-1000 lux : Luminance > 5–8 hours

Remark: These test results are from laboratory test. They could be slightly different from on-site results because of the differences in applications and conditions.

Features and benefits

  • Illuminates in the dark
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Anti-bacteria, black mold and algae. Stain resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • For joint width between 2 to 14 mm.


SHELF LIFE AND STORAGE : 2 years after manufacturing date when stored unopened in dry and ventilated place. Store airtight in dry and ventilated conditions if remained in opened bucket