weberfloor 4720

Weber Thailand
weberfloor 4720 is premixed 1-component alkali-silicate solution (water glass). weberfloor 4720 is suitable for strengthening extremely absorbent and chalking concrete or cement-based substrates in interior and exterior areas. The product is clear and leaves the original appearance of the surfaces. weberfloor 4720 is ready-to-use without any mixing required. It can be used on all cement-based floors that are subject to high mechanical and thermal stress. It also can be used to strengthen the floors before coating with epoxy/PU. 
• Very good penetration 
• Highly strengthening effect 
• Reduce oil penetration 
• Highly water vapour permeable 
• Withstand high level of thermal stress 
• Environmental friendly - water-based and odorless 
• Easy to use 
• Fast drying

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