How to prevent water-leakage from water tank


The structural damage

Very often after few months of service, water tank starts to leak because of the underground water pressure during rainy season. If there is a crack, underground water and the soluble salts will infiltrate and cause the structural damage.

The materials cannot assure the waterproof

The materials used to build water tanks cannot assure the waterproof property.

Structure of water tank cannot be completely rigid

Properly designed structure of water tank cannot be expected to be completely rigid. Water ingress can be likely when there is slight structural movement.

The waterproof product supports drinking water.

Surfaces of water tank can be damage and moldy from moisture. It is therefore strongly recommended that the waterproofing product in used has to be compatible with drinking water.

Install a proper waterproofing system

Not only properly designed structure is needed for building a water tank, but also a decent waterproofing system in order to prevent water pressure from both underground (negative) and inside the tank (positive). This is because to fix the leakage can be significant more expensive than to install a proper waterproofing system.