How to prevent water-leakage problem of foundation?


When foundations are not waterproofed

When foundations are not waterproofed, it will later cause many problems in the basement.

When the surfaces are humid

When the surfaces are humid, wall or floor decorative materials could be damaged or moldy.

Walls without water resistant property

Walls without water resistant property can allow water ingress even when there is no crack.

Water permeation

Water permeation can happen through the joints, which are not waterproofed, between blocks. It is then recommended to always install waterproofing system.

Concrete is naturally porous

Concrete is naturally porous. Water and air will slowly seep through tiny pores in the concrete, which will lead to corrosion problem of the reinforced steel and structural damage afterward.

Cement-render walls are not waterproofed.

Moisture is normally collected on cement-render walls, which are not waterproofed. Accumulated water will penetrate to the decorative materials and eventually cause the damage.