Maikhao Palm Beach Resort - Phuket

A stunning Thai-Lanna style resort ideally located on the stretching and unspoiled Maikhao Beach, part of Sirinart National Park on the north western coast of Phuket featuring 225 sumptuous guest rooms which surrounded by free-form pools and landscaped garden next to the peatland and facing to an iconic Maikhao Beach.

Maikhao Palm Beach Resort chose;

Waterproof:    weberdry tex - waterproofing mortar

Tile adhesive: webertai gres - specially-designed adhesive for swimming pool

Tile grout:        webercolor HR - specially-designed grout for swimming pool

  • Type of floor:
    Swimming pool
  • Type of building:
  • Resources required:
    weberdry tex, webertai gres, webercolor HR
  • Owner:
    Maikhao Palm Beach Resort


Before commencing tiling, the pool should be tested to ensure that it is watertight, and any necessary repairs should be carried out using the appropriate methods. On no account should the tiling be viewed as a method of waterproofing the pool. If the concrete shell has a smooth finish, tiling may be applied directly to it, otherwise it should be rendered and screeded. The surface to be tiled must be clean, smooth, dust free and free from imperfections.


Although a cement-based grout may be used, it will gradually become damaged by corrosion from the pool water and by erosion from water movement and cleaning, for this reason it is better to choose a grout with a high level of redispersable polymer included in the powder such as webercolor poxy. Epoxy grouts are also recommended as their longer working life outweighs the higher initial cost. This is especially so for salt-water pools. Pools surrounds are particularly sensitive areas where the above requirements also apply, due to the alternate wetting and drying and high frequency of cleaning.