weberep repair mortar GP

New Product
Weber Thailand

Pre-mixed, non-shrink, fiber-reinforced, cementitious mortar. Suitable for concrete, precast, masonry and plastering substrate. Can use to repair concrete facades, spalling, honeycombing and restructuring balconies, terraces, walls, cornices with 2-35 mm. thickness.


  • 5 kg

To know before applying

Density : 1.35 kg./liter
Chemical curing time : 3-5 mins
Pot life : 2 hours
Application temperature : 5-35 degree Celsius

Compressive strength ASTM C109 : >320 Ksc
Flexural Strength ASTM C348 : 6 N/mm2
Setting time EN 195-3 Initial setting time : 2 hours
Setting time EN 195-3 Final setting time : 3 hours

Features and benefits

weberep repair mortar GP use for repair concrete facades, spalling, honeycombing and restructuring balconies, terraces, walls and cornices.

  • 2 - 35 mm. thickness application.
  • Compressive strength >320 KSC. (28 days)
  • Good bonding strength.
  • Suitable for pre-cast, cast insitu, masonry and plastering surface.


  • Do not add any admixtures or other materials.
  • Do not add more water when the mortar is setting and should use within 2-3 hours.
  • After finishing, protect the mortar from drying out by using the relevant curing method.