TILING OF ABSORBENT TILE such as ceramic tile in living room or bedroom

It is not difficult to fix absorbent tile or ceramic tile onto cement-based substrate, standard grade adhesive can be used.


Tiling with traditional mortar

Tiles with porosities at the back are considered to be absorbent tile. To fix these tile with traditional mortar by applying the mortar in lumps or buttering it on the whole tile back could make the tile adhere to the substrate but there will be tile-debonding or tile breaking problem later. It is because traditional mortar does not adhere to the entire areas of both tile and substrate, and create voids underneath the tile. These voids will decrease pressure absorptionproperty and impact absorption property of the tiles.

Immerse tile in water before tiling

Tile adhesive are proportionally designed the amount to be mixed with water. Water in immersed tile will decrease adhesive bonding and cause slipping tile especially with wall tiling.

Misapplication of tile adhesive.

Tile adhesive should be used with notched trowel, which can be selected according to tile size, for the efficiency and to have the adhesive properly transferred on both tiles' back and substrate. To fix tile with traditional way by using brick-laying trowel to apply tile adhesive at tile back will reduce the adhesion property of the adhesive.



Surface preparation
  • Surfaces should be leveled and left for at least 1 - 3 weeks, in order to have complete cement reaction, before tiling.   
  • Any surface repair should be done 12 - 24 hours before tiling.   
  • Clean off any dust and dirt from the surfaces before tiling.  


Tiling with webertai fix
  • Fix the tile by using tile adhesive together with notched trowel.

Grouting by considering
  • In general area such as living room or bedroom, it is recommended to use webercolor classic.
  • For durable purpose, weberklin JCR should be used to protect the joints from any dirt and stains.
  • In bathroom or kitchen, tile grout with protection property against dirt and fungi webercolor power is recommended to be used.

Leave the grout to be dry
  • Leave the grout to be dry for at least 24 hours before using the areas.

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