Small size swimming pool < 200 sq m. (on high-rise building) Ceramic/Clay/Glassed clay/Mosaic ceramic/Granito/Granite/Marble/Natural stone

ขนาดพื้นที่สระไม่เกิน 200 ตร.ม. (สระลอยบนอาคาร) โมเสค
  • Prepare waterproofing system before tiling : Choose the right product which resist to positive and negative water pressure 
  • Tiling in swimming pool : Tile adhesive and tile grout for small size swimming pool

1 = Levelling : weberbase levelling plaster

2 = Waterproofing : weberdry top

3 = Waterproofing joints & corner : webertape BE14

4 = Waterproofing : weberdry top

5 = Tiling in swimming pool :  webertai fix

6 = Grouting in swimming pool :  webercolor HR



Step 1

weberbase levelling plaster

Adjusted wall/floor level with weberbase levelling plaster

Pre-mixed cementitious mortar for adjusted wall level

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weberdry top.png
Step 2

weberdry top

Apply 1st layer with weberdry top

2-component flexible waterproofing for any wet areas and swimming pools in high-rise buildings.

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webertape BE 14.png
Step 3

webertape BE 14

Seal the joint between floor and wall with webertape BE 14 

  • Highly flexible and 100% waterproof
  • To cover joints between floors and walls
  • Use with flexible waterproof ; weberdry seal or weberdry top
  • To reinforce between boards of fiber-cement boards and gypsum boards
  • Resistant to hydrostatic pressure
  • Permanent resistant to tearing
  • Permanent resistant to many chemicals
  • Permanent resistant to frost
  • UV resistant
Flexible reinforced waterproofing tape for joints.

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weberdry top.png
Step 4

weberdry top

Apply 2nd layer waterproofing weberdry top

2-component flexible waterproofing for any wet areas and swimming pools in high-rise buildings.

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Step 5

webertai fix

Wait until weberdry top dry and prepare tiling process with webertai fix

High quality tile adhesive with double bonding strength

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1072868_1072554_1072867_1072864_1072865_1072866_1072366_1072367_weber color HR 18.5 kg.jpg
Step 6

webercolor HR

Grouting with webercolor HR. Leave 3 days before filling with water for reaching high resistance property and good bonding

High resistance tile grout for swimming pools, spas, steam rooms, and saunas  Providing resistance to water pressure and chlorine ideal for grouting in swimming pools, spas, saunas on both floors and walls

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To know before applying

Pressure affects the pool structure will be divided into;

  • Water at positive pressure (caused by water in the pool )
  • Water at negative pressure (caused by water out of the pool, i.e. in-ground pool or pool constructed nearby water sources)
  • Therefore, the right installation of the waterproofing system is very necessary for the swimming pool. And waterproofing system should be separated thoroughly from its structure.

Features and benefits

weberdry top:

  • To waterproof before tiling in any wet areas subjected to movement
  • Resist to water pressure up to 30 meters depth
  • Flexible, resist to micro cracking
  • Easy to use by rendering trowel
  • Resist to hard water and chlorinated water
  • Can be used with interior and exterior surfaces
  • Non-toxic
  • Low VOCs


  • Not suitable to be used on brickwork, porous concrete.
  • Not suitable to be used on weak or friable substrates, where the substrate is cracked.  

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