weberseal tape

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weberseal tape
weberseal tape 5cm.x3m.
weberseal tape 10cm.x3m.
weberseal tape 30cm.x3m.

weberseal tape is a self-adhesive butyl rubber sealing tape laminated by a reinforced aluminium backing, which is paintable. It is 100% UV-resistant and can be used for a wide range of applications including sealing joints & gaps and waterproofing. weberseal tape provides good adhesion to metals, glass, zinc, concrete (mineral substrates), ceramics, woods, etc.


To know before applying

1. Substrate should be clean, dry, dust and oil free without any
contamination that will obstruct the adhesion.
2. Cut weberseal tape to required length. Remove the transparent
film and press the tape firmly onto the substrate across joints
and cracks. Use a suitable pressure roller to improve the adhesion.
3. All joint connections should be overlapped 50 mm as the minimum
* Not recommended for use against water pressure

Features and benefits

  • Prevent and fix leakage problems
  • Excellent adhesion to most construction materials
  • Bitumen free - no oil migration, non-staining, environmentally friendly
  • Water based paintable aluminium foil surface
  • Heat, cold, and UV resistant
  • Very easy to use and apply