Wide joint is favorable in glass block assembling. The specific grout designed for wide joint must be used for grouting to prevent the problem of joint crack and water leakage in case of exterior walls.


Most joints between glass blocks are wide

Specially designed for wide joint must be used for grouting any joint that is wider than 1cm. This special grout is formulated with chemical composition to protect the grout from being crack, which can cause water leakage.

Grouting glass block with white cement

1. White cement is a substance without any additive and can not be expected to be grouting material because of the lack in strength. If white cement is used for grouting, it can be crack and fungus, seen as some dark spots, in the grout.

2. Normal grout is generally designed for 1 - 6 mm joint width. If it is used for grouting glass block, there will also be cracking problem.

The pictures show grouting application at job site



1. Assemble glass blocks with masonic mortar

2. Grouting with specific grout designed for wide joint webercolor plus

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