Gypsum board/Plaster board is a specific substrate, which can be tiled over. It has to be sure that frame is strong enough to support the expected load.


Gypsum board/Plaster board has a paper face.

Paper will lose strength when being in contact with water for a certain period of time. Considering factors for the adhesive used to fix tiles onto this specific substrate are;

1. Paste adhesive should be used, because of its ready-to-use property.

2. High performance adhesive with polymer composition, which is designed for tiling onto gypsum board, together with notched trowel should be used in order to control the amount of adhesive and also to prevent the water seeping into substrate layer.

Make sure that gypsum board is strong enough

Make sure that gypsum board/plaster board is strong enough to support the load from tiles and adhesive.

1. Expected load for tiling onto gypsum board should not exceed 32 kg/ m2. Recommended thickness of the board is at least 12.5 mm.

2. Increase structural strength by bracing noggins to additional frames to be extra support.

3. Seal any joints between each board with jointing compound.



1. Substrate preparation
  • Frame and brace any areas that need extra support and it should be at every area of 900 cm2 or 30 x 30 cm.

2. Tiling with paste adhesive weberfix plus - or tile adhesive with Polymer composition webertai gres.
  • Allow the adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours before grouting.

3. Grouting with anti-fungus and stain-resistant grout webercolor power
  • Leave the grouted areas for at least 24 hours before using.  

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