Siam at Industry Company Limited

Cracked concrete roof deck is leaking can be solved with weberdry PUR seal : Polyurethane based, UV resistant, super elastic top coating and protection product. 

Product Key Advantages :

• Permanent protection for under-applied weberdry PUR seal waterproofing product

• Formation of shiny, long live colored and easy to clean coating

• Highly resistant against UV radiation, pedestrian traffic water ponding and frost.

The right solution: 

Waterproofingweberdry PUR seal - Aliphatic polyurethane based, one component, ready to use, UV resistant, pedestrian traffic resistant, super elastic top coating and protection product.


  • Type of building:
    Factory in Bang Pakong Industrial Park (Chachoengsao)
  • Total size of floor area:
    750 sqm.
  • Resources required:
    weberdry PUR coat
  • Owner:
    Siam at Industry Comapy Limited
  • Contractor/Applicator:
    Spirit Build Co,.Ltd