webercolor beauty

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Weber Thailand

webercolor beauty is ready to use 2 – component epoxy based paste tile grout resisting to chemical cleaning agents with anti- dirt, black mold, and bacteria property. The product is suitable to use in humid areas such as bathroom, kitchen, including living room and walkway where the stains are likely to occur.

Application area

Wall, Floor, Swimming pool


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To know before applying

Product characteristics : Creamy paste / Glitter (some color)
Smell : Mild smell
Application temperature : 25-40 ํC
Open time for grouting : 20 minute
Time before traffic : 24 hours
Shore a hardness 85 (+23 ํC / 50% RH)

Features and benefits

  • Ready to use
  • Anti-black mold, bacteria and algae
  • Repair on the existing tile grout
  • Resist to chemical cleaning agents
  • Colorful & long life
  • Anti-crack and not de-bond

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